New collaboration : A Belgian Beer Made in Singapore by a French guy..whaaaaaat?!??

It's the story of a French guy who spent a few years in Belgium before leaving for Asia. A few minutes after his plane took off he realised there was no way he could live without Belgian beers. In Singapore everything is expensive so I guess you can all imagine a Belgian beer costs pretty much the price of a King size golden bear. That's why he Started brewing his own beer from the memories and dreams he kept from Belgium. 

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Free Winter Holidays Phone Wallpaper


Here's a little gift for all of you guys for the winter holidays. A custom wallpaper creation our little graphist Bear made for herself and wanted to share.


As usual you can download it for free  

>> HERE <<

Ewok and her Christmas phone 1080.jpg


Even our Ewok Looking Cat got it on her phone

Stay Strong against Cancer

Never forget.. You Kicked its ass! 💪❤️
This year my mother in law had to deal with this monster growing in her body. After a few challenging months she can finally proudly say that she won!
So, I decided to create those two posters to remind her that she was strong enough to kick the cancer's ass!!! Feel free to repost or comment, If you know somebody dealing with the same monster. They need to know that they are strong 💪 .
You can download the two posters by clicking the download button at the bottom of this page and then print your own. 

Kisses and stay strong,